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'We go to the gallery'- limited edition markings.

miriam elia

This is a summary of the 'We go to the gallery' artists editions, summarising how many books have been printed, and the schedule date for future runs. 

1. December 2013- March 2014- First artists edition, featuring 'Harlequin Ladybird' marking. 1000 copies, Printed and bound in England, no ISBN. (Sold out, unavailable due to copyright dispute with Penguin books.)




2. July 2014- April 2015- First artists edition of re-illustrated book featuring 'Dung Beetle' logo. Edition of 5000 copies. Sold out. 

Printed and bound in England. Marked 'Artists edition' on back cover.


3. May 2015- Last small-volume artists edition. Edition of 2000. Also priced at £20. Printed by Miriam Elia in Poland, using a a famous vintage 1950s Heidelberg press in Krakow. Last to be marked 'Second Artists edition' on back cover. (see below)




September- U.S and UK commercial editions begin. More news to be announced. 

November/ December 2015- The sequel book is released! 


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