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Last Christmas post

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Last Christmas post The last delivery date is the 24th of December, with priority mail.  The delivery speeds are stated as follows: Economy - Domestic: 3-5 working days - International: 7+ working days (average) Standard - Domestic: 2-3 working days - International: 3-7 working days (average) Priority - Domestic: Next weekday - International 2-4 working days (average) Urgent - Domestic: next weekday (before 12) - International: 1-3 working days (average)    

'We go to the gallery'- limited edition markings.

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This is a summary of the 'We go to the gallery' artists editions, summarising how many books have been printed, and the schedule date for future runs.  1. December 2013- March 2014- First artists edition, featuring 'Harlequin Ladybird' marking. 1000 copies, Printed and bound in England, no ISBN. (Sold out, unavailable due to copyright dispute with Penguin books.)       2. July 2014- April 2015- First artists edition of re-illustrated book featuring 'Dung Beetle' logo. Edition of 5000 copies. Sold out.  Printed and bound in England. Marked 'Artists edition' on back cover.   3. May 2015- Last small-volume artists edition. Edition of 2000. Also priced...

Last 300 copies left!

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There are only 300 copies of this artists edition left. There will be another small limited artists edition run scheduled for the next coming months, and then a commercial edition launching this september.     

US dispatch update

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Dear US customers, I'm currently looking into a US based fulfillment centre, enabling the book to reach you all much quicker.  Miriam Elia

'We go to the gallery' featured in The Times 15/09/2014

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